Helping patients take back their lives from depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD or other mental health conditions. We achieve this goal by offering cutting-edge technology and the newest breakthrough treatments in psychiatry to help patients find the right treatment that works for them. Our mission is to help every patient take back their lives and achieve long-term results. 

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Since 2017, Serenity Mental Health Centers has provided patient-focused care at their relaxing spa-like clinics. What started with one clinic in Gilbert, Arizona has now grown to nine clinics across Phoenix, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; and the Salt Lake City, Utah metro areas. The team of board-certified psychiatrists tailors treatment plans using various tools and therapies, so their patients have the best chance of success.

Serenity Mental Health Centers

Board-Certified Psychiatrists & Board-Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Specializing in TMS and Ketamine treatments for Severe Depression located in Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

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“When you’re you’re stuck in these places of depression and PTSD and anxiety, it’s like, you’re not really living a life,.."

“It’s so well worth it . . . To get something that’s not a medication that actually works is wonderful..."
Michael & Jennifer

“24 hours after my first ketamine treatment, it was such a big change for me. I felt happy. I didn’t want to commit suicide..."


Jenny struggled with heavy depression that impacted her career, her relationships, and her hopes for the future. Hear Jenny’s story of conquering depression – and discovering joy in motherhood – through TMS treatment at Serenity Mental Health Centers.

- Jenny -

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Let’s take the next step together. Schedule an appointment today and let’s work together to help you take back your life.