Why Work for Serenity?

Serenity Mental Health Centers is not your typical group of mental health clinics. Think of us like the Ritz-Carlton of psychiatry. We are the leading group of mental health centers in Arizona, Utah and Colorado, and the gold standard in outpatient psychiatry. We hire and nurture the careers of exceptional mental health care professionals and the best psychiatrists in Arizona, Utah and Colorado.

We specialize in difficult-to-treat cases of various mental conditions and offer the most innovative, cutting-edge mental health treatment options available to help our patients take their lives back from symptoms of mental illness. With countless recovery stories to tell, patients are recovering every day at Serenity with our advanced treatment options like TMS therapy and ketamine treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD and more.

Our psychiatrists take the time to listen to patients and work with them to develop a treatment plan that fits their needs. Our support staff works closely with patients, developing strong bonds with them and going above and beyond to ensure their comfort and success in treatment. All of our staff members are also work very closely with each other, communicating patients’ needs and helping each one through treatment. Whether you’re an employee or a patient, Serenity is like one big family!

What Employees Say

The Head Practice Manager at Serenity, Parker, explains the difference our specialized treatments make in helping patients regain control of their lives and the responsibilities of a practice manager.
Arizona Lead TMS Technician Ashley speaks about the joy she finds at Serenity while helping patients take back their lives from mental illness and shares some of the tools that help employees succeed at Serenity.
Our TMS techs are expected to offer the highest quality of care to help patients take back their life from mental illness. Tatiana, Serenity’s Colorado TMS Tech Lead shares why she loves working at Serenity.
What is an infusion nurse? Sidney explains what sets being a nurse at Serenity apart, why she loves it, and some of the responsibilities it entails.
Shauna, a Patient Care Coordinator Trainer, explains the impact that the patient care coordinator role has on the patient experience and what she looks for in a good PCC.

Core Values

At Serenity, we pride ourselves in delivering the gold standard in mental health care. Treating our patients with dignity, respect and encouragement is our number one priority. We look for dedicated, compassionate people who will help make Serenity a positive and comforting place for our patients and fellow team members alike. At Serenity, we’re dedicated to helping each other as much as we help our patients.

We always want to make sure our patients have positive experiences in our offices and with the staff. And even as our offices continue to grow and expand, we do everything we can to make our patients feel important, listened to, and understood, which is why each patient has not only an individualized treatment plan but also a whole team of providers dedicated to their success.

Help Change Lives Through Improving Mental Health

As a team member at Serenity Mental Health Centers, you’ll be an important part of our patients’ recovery journeys, no matter what role you’re in. You’ll get to see firsthand the incredible life-changing experiences that happen here every day and know you helped make it happen. We help everyday people take back their lives from mental illness with advanced treatment options like TMS therapy and ketamine treatments. We’re changing lives. Join us!

If you want to participate in ground-breaking treatments that change lives and be a part of incredible patients’ recovery journeys, then Serenity is the place for you. Check out our current job openings and apply today! Don’t see a position that quite fits? Send us your resume! As a rapidly growing company, we’re always looking for talented, compassionate people for new roles opening up on a regular basis.

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