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Daniel Plastino, NP

Nurse Practitioner


My Care Philosophy

I approach psychiatry with an integrative and collaborative care philosophy and believe that in order to achieve true healing, you have to treat the whole person. I seek to discover root causes rather than simply managing symptoms. I think it is important to have a wide-ranging toolkit from traditional medication management, to new therapies such as TMS and ketamine, and even integrative practices such as mindfulness. I have found in my own life that having a healthy body allows the mind to thrive better, and advocate for physical health strategies like nutrition, exercise, bodywork, and pain reduction. 

Why I Chose Mental Health

As a lifelong learner, I have been interested in mental health and medicine since I took my first psychology and biology classes. I am fascinated by the mind-body relationship. Mental health is so important for overall health, and mental illness is more common than many people realize. I am passionate about reducing the stigma around it. I also love connecting with people, and in the mental health field, there is ample opportunity to do so. I am grateful for the trust that patients have in me to help them through the challenges of life.

I joined Serenity because they are committed to delivering the best possible care for patients. I am excited to be involved with an organization that blends new evidence-based treatment strategies such as TMS and ketamine therapy with traditional psychiatric medication management. It feels great to be part of a strong team of compassionate providers and clinic staff that are truly helping patients take back their lives from mental illness.

Interests & Activities

In my spare time, I love to get out into nature, and I go hiking and backpacking often with my fiancée and my dog. I also enjoy reading, traveling, meditating, playing guitar, and spending time with my family.



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