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About Mental Health

Your mental health changes based on your feelings, thoughts, personal interactions, and environment. While change is common and expected, you should seek help when your symptoms last two weeks or longer. The board-certified psychiatrists at Serenity Mental Health Centers practice a whole-person approach and offer comprehensive care for mental health concerns. They have locations in the Biltmore, Desert Ridge, and Chandler area of Phoenix and Gilbert, Arizona; Lehi and Holladay, Utah; and Lakewood and Cherry Creek area of Denver, Colorado. If you have questions or need help to overcome your emotional, behavioral, or psychological challenges, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Mental Health Q&A

What is mental health?

Most people associate mental health with specific problems such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. However, while psychiatric disorders play a key role, mental health encompasses every aspect of your life.

Emotional and behavioral health share a two-way connection with your general well-being. Your mental health determines your ability to thrive at work, in school, and at home. At the same time, having a satisfying job, a healthy social life, and friends and family positively affect your mental health.

Does mental health affect physical health?

People with mental health disorders have a higher risk of developing a physical illness. And those with chronic health conditions have a significantly higher chance of developing a psychological disorder.

Physical activity strengthens the nerve connections in your brain, relieves stress, and improves your mood. The imbalances in brain chemicals associated with mental health problems can result in bodywide inflammation, a higher heart rate, and an imbalance in hormones.

What symptoms indicate a mental health problem?

A few warning signs of a mental health problem include:

  • Sleeping too much or having insomnia

  • Eating more or less than usual

  • Having a hard time concentrating

  • Avoiding people and places you once enjoyed

  • Suffering from low energy

  • Feeling hopeless or worthless

  • Having persistent anxiety and fear

  • Drinking alcohol or using drugs

  • Experiencing mood swings

  • Being unable to control your emotions

  • Acting recklessly and impulsively

  • Hearing voices that aren’t real

  • Failing to complete everyday tasks

You may also experience physical symptoms without an apparent underlying cause.

What mental health services can improve my well-being?

Serenity Mental Health Centers created their clinics to feel welcoming, soothing, and tranquil, offering each person an environment to immediately comfort their mind. Then the team develops comprehensive services to get the individualized treatment you need in one peaceful location.

Those seeking help at Serenity Mental Health Centers receive complete psychological assessments and testing followed by tailored treatment plans that may include psychotherapy, medication management, ketamine infusions, and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

While the first line of treatment typically includes talk therapy, medication, or both, some patients don’t improve with the traditional approach. Other patients may have a long-standing mental health problem, severe symptoms, or face a life-threatening crisis such as thoughts of suicide. 

In all these cases, ketamine or TMS offers safe and typically rapid results.

Don’t wait to get the help and support you need to improve your mental health. Call Serenity Mental Health Centers or request an appointment online today.

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