Treatment-Resistant Depression


Managing Treatment- Resistant Depression

“I struggled with depression and anxiety for years. I was irritated and not sleeping, and my mental health was starting to affect my marriage.” – Real Serenity Patient with treatment-resistant depression

Depression is extremely prevalent in American society. Studies show that 20% of Americans experience a severe depressive episode each year. If you’re one of them, it may feel like there’s no hope for a better tomorrow. 

Ready to See Results from Your Depression Treatment? Even with medication and therapy, do you feel like you have more bad days than good?

✔ Have you suffered from a persistent empty feeling for weeks, months or longer?

✔ Do you struggle with feelings of guilt and worthlessness that won’t go away?

✔ Do you fixate on the past and have bleak thoughts about the future?

✔ Do you feel hopelessness and believe you have failed yourself and your family?

✔ Do you ever feel your loved ones would be better off without you there to burden them?

✔ Have you ever thought about or tried cutting yourself to relieve the stress and emotional pain?

✔ Have a difficult time making decisions and feeling irritated over the smallest things?

✔ Have you felt a loss of interest in activities that used to bring you joy?

✔ Have you felt trouble maintaining healthy habits? (Sleep habits, overeating, personal hygiene)


Many of our patients share that they’ve struggled with depression for so long that they don’t remember what it’s like to live without it. 

Some patients even have come to believe that depression defines them as individuals. At Serenity, we believe that even those who have been struggling for years deserve a chance to pursue their goals without fear of mental illness getting in the way.

Recovery from Depression is Possible 

If you feel that your depression has not improved as much as you would like or has even gotten worse since taking medication and/or starting therapy, it can feel hopeless. The effects from various treatment methods differ from person to person, and often the symptoms of depression won’t go away, even with medication and counseling. Fortunately, there are multiple additional treatments being studied and developed every day, and with these developments, more effective treatments are being created. At Serenity we believe that everyone deserves the best care available, with personalized plans that include a variety of effective treatment options. Our outstanding staff makes sure to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies so they can offer the best care available with effective, scientifically-proven treatments.

You Have Options

While there are quite a few different treatment options for treatment-resistant depression, at Serenity, we choose to offer only those that have shown the greatest results. In addition to these highly effective treatments, your care team will work with you to help you overcome negative self-talk, improve mindset, and work towards accomplishing your goals.
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
TMS is a noninvasive treatment that uses magnetic pulses (like an MRI) to stimulate the areas of the brain that are affected by depression. Brainsway states that in their studies, approximately 75% of patients with treatment-resistant depression achieve a response, with approximately 50% of patients achieving remission.
Ketamine IV
In recent years, doctors have discovered that depression patients have responded well to ketamine infusions. Researchers say that ketamine targets different areas of the brain than antidepressant medications, which is why it might be so effective at treating treatment-resistant depression.

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